Spirit Harmony Practitioner


Coming soon!  Online Courses!

Let me start by introducing myself.  I am a spiritual seeker.  I am on a many lifetime quest to live as a fully healed, fully integrated, and fully self-realized being.  I want to share all that I have learned about healing, living as one’s true self, discovering passion and soul purpose, and creating one’s ideal life through intuitive practices and spiritual healing.

I am an ordained independent Spiritualist and metaphysical minister.  I have studied mediumship for years, as well as many forms of shamanic practice.  The ancient ways called to me and I have found that they hold many forgotten keys to living well, healing, discovering who we truly are, and living a life of harmony instead of discord.

I am an intuitive shamanic practitioner and healer who has received training in core shamanism, Peruvian shamanism, and Northern European shamanism.  I have distilled what I have learned from mediumship, energy healing and shamanism into a single paradigm, “spirit harmony” intuitive healing practices.

At this time, many people are searching, looking for guidance, healing and illumination into their soul’s purpose.  I help integrate spiritual and energetic healing techniques and spirit guidance into my clients’ journey towards holistic wellness and living their dream life.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of my clients’ journeys towards  greater insight, understanding, healing, and acceptance of who they truly are.  Each of us is unique, perfect, and divine, but many of us have forgotten this through life’s hurts and struggles. But pain, fear, anger, and feeling lost or unclear, are simply signs that a person is being called to unravel the mysteries of their soul and heal. I can help.

This world needs each of us – We were each born with a purpose for living.

Each step we take towards healing, releasing fear, and becoming empowered authentic beings, allows us to step further into who we are meant to be – and really already are!  I offer spirit harmony practitioner services which include an eclectic mix of spirit guidance, energy and spirit healing, past life and Akashic records work, ancestral healing, divination and more. This powerful merging of intuitive and spiritual paradigms can lead to positive shifts in my clients’ lives and overall wellbeing.  Welcome!

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Please contact me at (585) 397-7444 or through filling out the form below for further information or to schedule a session.


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