Ghost Release & Runic Healing

As you can see, my website has a new look!  So much has changed and as I continue to heal my soul and become more of who I truly am, my soul’s purpose has also become clearer.  For this reason, I am no longer taking on clients for many of the services I used to offer.  Instead, I am focusing on completing my book on spirit rescue called “The Rainbow Bridge Method,” on clients who need help with earthbound spirits for suspected hauntings, and on providing runic energy healing and intuitive life coaching services.  I am further providing training for those who want to learn about the sacred healing work of spirit release – also called rescue mediumship, ghost rescue, soul release and psychopomp work.


Spirit rescue not only heals souls, but its effects ripple outward helping to heal us and the land we live on.  Because releasing souls lightens the energy of land, it helps to heal our struggling and unwell Earth.  Spirit rescue for this reason is soul healing and earth healing.

It feels amazing to embrace fully who I am – a person who works to birth souls into the Light.  I have experienced earthbound spirits since young childhood and have been helping to heal and transition souls for the many years.  This is my passion, my soul calling, and I look forward to sharing all I have learned through my upcoming book on spirit release, a future online course based on this book, and through helping clients who are struggling with earthbound spirits – “ghosts.”

I am further implementing a new payment policy for earthbound spirit/ghost assistance called “conscious financial reciprocity” in recognition that this work should be avialable to anyone needing it.  Please see the conscious financial reciprocity policy below.


Conscious Financial Reciprocity Policy:

I believe that help with earthbound spirits should also be accessible to all.  For this reason I accept a monetary donation or exchange of services for assistance with ghosts.  What matters is that people receive help and that earthbound souls are transitioned to the Light.  This policy does not apply to my runic energy healing or intuitive life coaching services.  Thank you!