Northern European Shamanism Course

UPDATE. The release date of this apprenticeship will be announced after the completion of my first book “The Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release.” Do to needing time to complete the editing and publishing process, this apprenticeship will not be ready by January 2020. Stay tuned for further information and email me to be placed on a waiting list for its release.

Northern European Shamanism is the reclaimed shamanic path of the Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Peoples. I am a certified Shamanic Practitioner of the Northern Tradition, and have trained in other forms of shamanism. I am excited to share this path through an online apprenticeship.

The Northern tradition has many wonderful archetypes to work with and learn from if you decide to apprentice. You will discover the wisdom of Odin – the All Seeing Shaman, Freya – the Oracle Witch, the Norns – Mistresses of Fate, and Loki – the Master of Chaos.

Since shamans played an important role in their communities, the apprenticeship has a practical (while also magical) focus. Shamans provided spirit guidance, healing, and performed divination in order to help their communities better maneuver this life and beyond. The title of shaman was reserved for those performing such important tasks for their communities and for those effective in bringing healing and guidance from the spirit world into this world. You too can bring insights and healing into your life, and that of your family, friends and clients, through discovering and studying the rich Northern Shamanic Tradition.

I want to be clear that what I am teaching is not a religion, although there are wonderful modern heathen and Asatru faiths based on the Northern European gods and ancient religious traditions that you can explore. What I am teaching is shamanic practice for healing, spirit guidance, and living a balanced life. This apprenticeship is open to all peoples of all faiths.

Shamanism has always been a path of personal discovery. Shamanic teachers are guides, but at the end of the day, your version of shamanic practice will be informed by your direct experiences with the spirit worlds.

The bread and butter practice of the shaman is “spirit walking,” or “spirit flight” – also called shamanic journeying. This practice is the foundation for shamanic guidance and healing work. In order to be an effective shamanic practitioner, you must deeply know the spirit worlds and the type of healing and guidance you can obtain in each world. This is why the Sami shamans painted a map of the spirit worlds from their journeys onto their drums.

Through your apprenticeship you will learn to heal the living through embracing the Northern cosmology to perform soul retrievals, heal ancestral karma, perform energetic healing, help others regain lost power, and by learning to heal the living by healing the dead through soul rescue work. You will learn to travel to the spirit worlds for practical guidance, spiritual insight, and personal discovery for yourself and clients.

If you complete all the modules and lessons, you will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Northern European Shamanic Practitioner and I will be accessible as a resource when beginning to work with clients.

The cost of the online apprenticeship is $500 which can be paid in in full under or in increments of $50 per module. Both options lead to certification for students who complete all the required modules. This apprenticeship is ideal for students seeking to work at their own pace through a course of study. I will be available through email and monthly phone or video sessions if students have questions. Monthly phone and video sessions are not required but are available to students.

Email me at with questions about the online apprenticeship.

Northern European Apprenticeship Modules:

Module 1: Meeting Spirit Allies & Foundational Practices for Practitioner Wellness – Journey to meet your Disir (“ancestral guardian spirit’) and power animal, and discover your fylgia (“fetch”). Learn the importance of foundational practices of grounding, centering, shielding, and maintaining sacred space. Create your version of calling in the directions in the Northern tradition.

Module 2: The Odin Path of the All Seeing Shaman 1 – Travel to the Well of Mimir to gain sight into the 9 Norse Worlds, journey to each world and map your version of the Norse cosmology. Discover what healing and guidance you can obtain in each world. Work with Odin’s Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, as your spirit eyes.

Module 3: The Odin Path of the All Seeing Shaman 2 – Odin underwent the shaman’s death by hanging himself from the World Tree for nine days in order to gain the knowledge of the runes. Learn about the time honored tradition of shamanic initiation, the value of being the wounded warrior who has self-healed in order to be a healer for others, and the wisdom of Odin’s sacrifice of “himself to himself” by journeying to meet him at the World Tree. Begin your journey into the runes. Divination has always been a core shamanic practice and you will discover the Northern traditions most sacred divination practice of casting runes as well as the wheel of the runes as a map for soul development.

Module 4: The Freya Path of the Oracle Witch 1 – Odin learned seidr (trance work) and magical practice from Freya, the Goddess of magic, love, fertility and war. In this module you will call upon Freya to guide you in learning to do Oracle work through Seidr trance work and “going under the veil.” Seidr was traditionally done in a large group setting. You will learn about this practice, why it was performed, and be taught a modified form of this practice for Oracle work for self, one-on-one clients and small groups.

Module 5: The Freya Path of the Oracle Witch 2 – Discover the purpose and value of ritual for performing shamanic work, magic and spiritual practices. You will learn the elements of a ritual and create and perform your own ritual for magical works. During this ritual you will employ Galdr, the art of singing/chanting magic. The voice is a powerful tool for shifting and creating. Begin to tap into its power. Learn the art of creating personal binding runes for manifesting.

Module 6: The Norns Path of Weaving Fate – Learn about the Northern European idea of fate that was mostly malleable. Learn why weaving and the distaff and stav were important symbols and tools for the Northern Shaman. Begin to be attuned to the strands and threads of fate and learn to weave them to manifest or shift dynamics in the physical worlds. Step into greater personal power through discovering your ability to weave and re-weave fate.

Module 7: The Loki Path of Understanding Chaos – The world is not only made up of order, but disorder. In chaos math, what appears disordered (“chaos”), is actually highly ordered. Like a fractal, you can only see the pattern when viewed from a distance. This teaches us that chaos is part of the plan and workings of an intricately ordered Universe. In this module, meet Loki, the Trickster God and discover the role of trickster gods in mythology. Begin to work with Hella, Loki’s daughter and goddess of Death and Fenrir – the Wolf who is destined to unleash Ragnarok and the death of the Gods, only for the world to be reborn again. What purpose does destruction, disorder, and death serve in life? How can we begin to work with the forces of chaos in order to live a balanced life of fullness instead of fear.

Module 8: The Wild Hunt Path of Healing the Dead and Clearing the Earth – The Northern European tradition has more “psychopomp” beings than any tradition I have worked with. Psychopomps are guides for the death, leading them to the afterlife. Odin, Freya, Frigga, Berchta, Pertchta, the Valkaries, and more are all psychopomp spirit beings. The Wild Hunt is a procession of loud, rowdy spirits led by a Hunt Leader such a Odin, Freya, Berchta (to name a few dieties) over Samhain or Yule that passes over land and gathers souls. I view this procession as a mass clearing ahead of the New Year when the world needs fresh new energies for the Earth to be reborn. In this module learn about wights (“spirits’), the unquieted dead, and how to help cross over earthbound souls and clear land. You will participate in a Wild Hunt and learn the value of energetically clearing the Earth and tending to the dead. You will also learn the Rainbow Bridge Method of Soul Rescue, through which you will form the Bifrost bridge in order to release earthbound spirits to the Heavens.

Module 9: Working with the Seasons, Land Spirits, and Elves: While I personally adhere to what many call pagan practices of honoring the Earth and the Wheel of the Year, you do not have to be a pagan to be a shamanic practitioner. But to understand shamanic practice, it is important to understand that shamanic practice stems from indigenous cultures who lived very close to the Earth. Delving into the seasons, the spirits of the land and hidden folk is a way to begin to live attuned to the Earth regardless of your personal spiritual path. In this lesson, you will perform exercises to learn from the season you are currently in, practice gratitude to the Earth and her many children, connect with your land spirits and seek to repair any unsettled land or home energetic issues stemming from a lack of harmony with land or home spirits. You will connect with the Elves and also perform an Utiseta – a sitting outside in nature to receive guidance and clarity.

Module 10: Putting it All Together – The apprenticeship will end with meditating and journaling to gain insight into what you have learned through this course and any shifts you have witnessed in your life. You will performing a seidr ritual, a rune casting, or utiseta to gain insight from your spirit allies as to how you can use what you have learned in this apprenticeship in your own life and then journal this guidance. To conclude, you will perform a ritual of thanks to all the spirit allies who helped you on this journey and journal this experience as well.

I am excited to introduce you to the world of Northern European Shamanism! If you are interested in pursuing an online apprenticeship, please contact me at:

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