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So here is a little bit about me!  I am a down to earth rescue medium, Spiritualist minister, shamanic practitioner, and author who believes that each of us is here to contribute to our world in beautiful, needed and unique ways.  I see the Divine in all things and am passionate about unraveling the mysteries of the soul.
The greatest journey of my life (besides being a parent!) has been discovering my calling as a soul rescuer – also known as a “rescue medium.”  It is a unique calling that few intuitives perform in the modern era.  Soul rescue is vital to healing the many earthbound spirits who are lost and looking for the way home and to restoring and maintaining the energetic balance here on Earth. 
It may seem strange but very few “spirit mediums” perceive earthbound spirits.  This gift is instead intertwined with those who are “spirit walkers” – also called “astral travelers.”  All rescue mediums are spirit mediums, but not all spirit mediums are soul rescuers who can tap into the diverse spirits of the Astral Planes where earthbound souls reside.
Soul rescue is a challenging and rare calling. It is significantly more complex than giving spirit messages to the living.  It entails interacting with diversely intentioned spirits who do not always have your best interest at heart.   It involves mediumship, soul rescue work, channeling and energetic clearing and healing work combined.   
So many earthbound souls could use the help of a soul rescuer, as well as the living people who are sometimes effected by earthbound spirits overstepping ethical boundaries energetically with the living.  This is called “spirit infringement” and can lead to “spirit illness” – a decrease in a living person’s overall wellness and ability to thrive in life due to an earthbound spirit.  Hauntings, spirit attachments and the like are all forms of spirit illness.
Humanity has always known about the potential for spirit illness.  Soul rescue has been performed by ancient shamans since the dawn of human societies.  Spirit illness is not something to be feared or ignored, but instead faced and healed with the help of a knowledgeable rescue medium.   
After so many years of doing soul rescue work I am writing a book on the topic of rescue mediumship called “The Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release.”  I am excited to share this soulful spirit work with the world.   
If you suspect spirit infringement or illness is occurring to you or in your home, please contact me at: (585) 397-7444 or email becomingspirited@gmail.com.