About Me

So here is a little bit about me!  I am a down to earth, everyday intuitive, shamaka, working professional and mother.  I am an optimist by nature, who believes that each of us is here to contribute in beautiful and needed ways to our world.  I love learning, writing, pondering, walking in nature, singing in the car and spending time with my family!  I am an avid meditator who sees the Divine in all things and loves to unravel the mysteries of the universe and the soul.  I have a deep desire to share all that I have learned about the spiritual journey, healing the soul, and expressing one’s true self in this world so that we can live the life we dream.

Reverend Vanessa Hanks:

  • Ordained Spiritualist & Metaphysical Minister – Healing Light Spiritualist Church Etna, Maine
  • Pastoral Committee and Associate Pastor, Plymouth Spiritualist Church, Rochester, NY – 2017
  • Northern European Shamanism One Year Apprenticeship
  • “Bless Me Method” Training in Mediumship through Suzanne Giesemann
  • Mediumship Training through the Plymouth Spiritualist Church
  • Core Shamanism Coursework in Shamanic Journeying and Healing
  • Soul Retrieval Coursework
  • Munay Ki Rites – Peruvian Shamanism
  • Crystal Healing Course
  • Reiki I & II
  • Trance Mediumship Course, Lily Dale, NY
  • 6 Years of Mediumship Circles – Training & Message Circles

I plan to publish a book on spirit release in 2019 called “The Rainbow Bridge Method!”  Stay tuned for blog posts on this upcoming book!

Occasional “Meme” Maker!