Ghost Rescue ~ Spirit Release

One of my strongest soul callings and passions is to help earthbound souls transition to the Light.  This ancient healing work is known by many names including spirit release, rescue mediumship and psychopomp work.  For many years, I have been helping earthbound souls, i.e. “ghosts,” find peace through transitioning to what many call Heaven.


In 2019, I will publish my first book on spirit release called “The Rainbow Bridge Method.”  I am excited to share all that I have learned over years of doing this healing work and a lifetime of experiences with ghosts.

If you need help with a suspected ghost experience or haunting, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My way of doing this work will help bring peace to unquieted souls who may be interfering with your life and create greater wellness for all involved.  When we help to heal ghosts and release then from their focus on their former life, we too heal as a result from the experience.  Spirit release helps to bring about greater balance, harmony and wellness in homes and within individuals struggling with earthbound spirit experiences.

Because of my extensive experience and passion for this work, I also teach workshops on spirit release and take on individual students for training in this ancient healing practice.


Conscious Financial Reciprocity Policy:

I believe that help with earthbound spirits should also be accessible to all.  For this reason I accept a monetary donation for these services.