House Clearing & Hauntings

Experiencing a haunting can leave you feel helpless.  You do not need to go through these experiences alone.

I assess and help clear clients and their homes of earthbound spirits and unsupportive energies in a loving and compassionate way.  My goal is to help any earthbound spirits to cross over to the Light and to empower my clients.

The presence of earthbound spirits can decrease the wellness of living people in many ways.  My role as a spirit medium, shamanic practitioner and healer is to help my clients restore harmony, balance and wellness in their life through transitioning earthbound spirits, removing lower energies from a person’s energy field or home, and creating or re-establishing sacred space in my client’s collective of body, mind, spirit, emotions, and energy field, and/or their home, land, or workplace

While earthbound and other lower vibrating spirits do exist, there is no reason to fear them.  The effects of such spirits can be unpleasant, but in many cases there is an opportunity for the re-establishment of harmony and wellness.  As a modern culture, we have forgotten what shamanic cultures have always known, that we must maintain our “spirit wellness.”  It is no different than cleaning our house, taking a shower, eating right, exercising, or brushing our teeth.  We all know that if we do not do these things, we can become out of balance and experience unwellness in our lives.

Being mindful and aware of the energies and spirits around you or in your home is part of your wellness.  Creating sacred spaces where you can thrive will help you to live the life you dream – health, happy, and working towards your passions and soul callings.

The presence of earthbound spirits can cause the following to occur.  But seeking the help of medical and/or mental health professionals for physical or emotional symptoms is always the first step before seeking out a spirit intuitive.

  • sleep disturbances (bad dreams, unsettled sleep, and sleep paralysis)
  • Seeing shadow figures, dark orbs, mists, and other manifestations of spirits
  • Having items disappear, move or doors open or close by themselves
  • Electrical disturbances
  • Feeling emotions that are out of character for you or not a reflection of your current life (depression, anger, anxiety, hopelessness)
  • Create conflict in relationships
  • Chronic Fatigue or continually feeling drained.
  • Lowered immunity (autoimmune issues, upper respitory issues, and unexplained illnesses to name a few)
  • Confusion, brain fog, not being able to concentrate
  • The feeling of being watched
  • Feeling heavy, dense, negative or electric energy in a house or room
  • And more…

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