All healing sessions can be offered as in-person or distance healing sessions.

Spirit Energy Healing Sessions:  I offer unique spirit energy healing sessions.  These sessions are different from Reiki in that they include channeling not only divine energy but divine Spirit (my guides, angels, spirit helpers), to shift out-of-balance or unwell energies in a person’s system to promote holistic healing and greater harmony, joy, and wellness. These session are led by Spirit!  We will begin with talking and becoming clear as to what your purpose it for a Spirit healing session and then let Spirit take over the process.

Spirit Energy Healing is a sacred and beautiful process of allowing Spirit to shift and co-create positive changes in your energy field that will ripple into other parts of your “self” and life.  While my suggested cost for such sessions is $50 for an hour, please contact me if this is out of your financial reach as spirit healing work is sacred and if needed, should be accessible.


Spirit Energy Healing



Runic Energy Healing:  This type of energy healing is based on the ancient magical runes of the Norse and Germanic peoples.  It is not well known that these symbols are powerful catalysts for healing.  As a trained Northern European shamanka, I will assess your energy field for intrusions and areas of unwellness and select specific runes to focus divine energy through to promote healing, greater balance, and to bring into your energy field positive shifts.  The Norse version of “fate” and “luck” is malleable and can be weaved into new, healthier and more fulfilling life experiences.  It is such an empowering belief that when we are not as well, or as joyful or fulfilled as we want to be, that we can use this ancient alphabet to bend, weave, and co-create new dynamics into our lives.  The cost for a one hour runic energy healing session is $50.


Runic Energy Healing