House Clearings

Haunted houses happen, as do homes where lower vibrating spirits (such as earthbound spirits) are less obvious but still infringing on a person or family’s space and wellbeing.  If you feel as though you are being bothered by spirits in your home or are experiencing a haunting, please contact me at for a consultation.

House assessments and house clearings can range from being very simple to complex.  Sometimes a former deceased owner or the spirit of a deceased loved one inhabits the home when they need to continue on their soul’s journey by going to the Light.  Sometimes there are portals in a home, and sometimes our own inbalance or unhealed places or family dynamics attract a lower vibrating spirit or spirits to linger in our residence.

As a spirit medium and soul rescuer, I go into homes and assess if there is spirit activity or whether there are more commonplace reasons for disturbances in a house or building.  If spirit infringement is found, i.e. – spirit interfering in unhealthy ways on the living, I create a plan to begin to reestablish peace and harmony in a home, building or land, and help transition any earthbound souls to the Light.

If you are seeking a house, land, or building assessment and/or clearing, please contact me at to schedule a consultation.  Consultations are over the phone.  Clearing work can be done in person or at a distance.