House Clearing & Land Healing

Sometimes the energy of our home  or  land is not supportive of our holistic wellness.  This can be due to negative or imbalanced energies that have accumulated in a home due to the stresses of life, past events and the space’s history, portals, illness, conflict, earthbound spirits (i.e. ghosts), unhappy land spirits, and more.

I assess spaces and intuit whether such energies exist and then clear unsupportive energies through energetic healing, spirit communication, and spirit release work.   Living in clear, high vibrational spaces is vital to our holistic health and ensures that we reside in environments that allow us to thrive.  Energetic land and home clearing is Earth healing, allowing space for new healthier energies to take root that benefit our planet and support our best life.

If you suspect that your home, office or land needs clearing, please contact me at or (585) 397-7444 to schedule a consultation.  Clearing work can be done in person or at a distance.