Readings & Healings

I am so please that you have chosen to visit my site!  I believe that choosing an intuitive for a reading or healing is an intuitive exercise in and of itself.  You will get a “feel” for whether a practitioner may be helpful to you at a given time.  I enjoy meeting each and every clients and helping clients receive guidance, healing, spiritual insights, and more through the diverse intuitive sessions I offer.

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~ Rev. Vanessa

*Call 585-397-7444 or email me to schedule a session.  

Note: There is currently a 4-6 week waiting time to schedule a session.

Chakra Readings & Healings:

Our rainbow colored chakras are incredible sources of information about our holistic wellness and self.  They play an important role in our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic health.  A chakra reading can help to illuminate how your energy system is processing the diverse experiences of your life, identify out of balance energies and past wounds or experiences in need of healing, and provide information about what in your life is supporting your holistic wellness and what is not serving you. I offer chakra readings alone or in conjunction with energetic healing sessions to remove unsupportive energies, rebalance chakras, and to promote healing and energetic health to support my client’s best life and dreams.


Chakra Reading – 45 Minutes


Chakra Reading and Healing – 1 Hour 30 Minutes


“Akashic Chakras (TM)” Intuitive Reading:

Each soul has a record of every experience it has ever had.  This information is important to understanding our patterns, dynamics, passions, fears, and unhealed parts.  Often times, these aspects of our current life stem from past lives, karma and ancestral karma, lost soul pieces, as well as what our soul is trying to learn or do in our present lifetime.  An “Akashic Chakras (TM)” intuitive reading accesses our Akashic records (also known as the record of our life within the Book of Life) through our chakras.  An “Akashic Chakras (TM)” session can provide guidance and healing for clients’ lives, answers to long held questions, and spiritual insights into your soul’s amazing and unique journey here on Earth.

Akashic Chakras (TM) Reading – 1 Hour


Channeled Soul Guidance Sessions:

Channeling is allowing the divine guidance of higher spirits such as angels and guides to flow through a psychic medium to provide guidance and insights to clients on their life, soul’s journey, and more.  If you are curious or feel called to connect with guides and angels on aspects of your life, this may be the perfect type of reading for you.  I may hear from your angels and guides or information may be received from my guides and the Divine Council of Elohim (angel council).

Channeled Soul Guidance Reading – 1 Hour


Psychic & Spirit Medium Readings:

These readings use a combination of psychic perception, divination and mediumship to provide insightful messages to clients, answer questions about life, and deliver messages from passed on lived ones and guides.

Psychic & Mediumship Readings – 1 Hour


Energy Healing Session:

Energy healing sessions employ integrated energy healing  using reiki, Source Light Healing(TM) energies, and shamanic energy healing to remove unsupportive energies, heal energetic wounds, and balance clients’ chakras and energy field.

Energy Healing Session – 45 Minutes