Runic Energy Healing

You may be asking yourself “What is runic energy healing?”  Runic healing is a type of energetic healing much like Reiki.  It using the “runes,” often associated with divination, in a very ancient way to help shift unwanted or unwell energies into energies that benefit and heal a person.

As a student of Northern European shamanism, I fell in love with the runes.  I quickly discovered as the ancient Germanic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon peoples did, that this ancient alphabet of symbols was a powerful tool for shifting and changing energies.

The Northern Europeans believed in the “Web of Wyrd,” the energy that is creating our lives and underlies all of Creation.  The Germanic and Norse peoples believed that the “wyrd,” which the Norns (The Three Fates) carved or weaved, was not set in stone, but instead was mailable and could be changed or rewritten.  Things could always be shifted for the better!


This is a very empowering idea – that each of us can weave our own fate.  This means that when we experiences unwellness or struggles, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, that we have the power to change these unsupportive energies or patterns for the better.

The runes can help!

I choose specific runes for each client which I use to focus and create shifts through channeling ancient energies associated with the specific runes to promote and co-create healing for clients.  I furthermore use the cosmology of the ancient Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon people to balance the energies from the 9 Worlds connected to the World Tree (which is you).  Each of these worlds is an aspect of “self” very similar to the chakras in Reiki.

Runic Energy Healing is shamanic healing from Europe for modern times.  It can be used to help your body, mind and spirit to heal through shifting your “wyrd” and promoting your body’s own healing.  It will also help to shift environmental energies, i.e. the energies around you, to support your healing.

Runic Energy Healing can promote healing for:

  • Physical illness, unwellness, and pain
  • Unhealthy patterns
  • Spiritual Wounds
  • Energetic Imbalances and Unwellness
  • Emotional Issues

Contact me to book a session!  Online payment options are listed below…

1 Hour Runic Healing Session


2 Hour Runic Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching Session