I offer the following intuitive services.  If you purchase a service online using PayPal be sure to include your email address and/or phone number so we can schedule a time and date for your reading or healing session:

Shamanic Healing Session – 2 Hours (In Person)


Shamanic Healing Session – 1 Hour Session (In Person)


If you are unfamiliar with shamanic healing, it is energy healing with so much more.  Shamans tend to their relationships with loving helping spirits – our guides – and through their established relationships with healing guides, merge with Spirit to bring through the healing energy, wisdom and knowledge of their helping spirits.  It is energy and spirit healing combined.  Shamanic healing sessions remove unsupportive and unwell energies from a person’s energy field and body in order to stimulate the client’s own body and soul’s natural healing response.  I do not make any claims to cure illness or disease, only to remove energetic barriers to healing.  A shamanic healing session can be used to remove intrusive energies that may be at the root of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual unwellness.  A licensed medical professional should be sought for the treatment of any illness or disease.


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Intuitive Reading – 1/2 Hour Session (In Person or Distance)


Intuitive Reading – 1 Hour Session (In Person or Distance)


For life and soul guidance.  Messages may include guidance for your current life, messages from your higher self on soul purpose and healing, messages from guides and loved ones, and insights on aspects of life going forward. The client may ask questions during the session or email questions for sessions by email.  Cost – $40 for 1/2 hour session; $80 for an hour session (In person, video, phone or email)


Cartomancy – 1/2 Hour Session (In Person or Distance)


Cartomancy – 1 Hour Session (In Person or Distance)


In keeping with the tradition of reading Lenormand cards passed down from my great-grandmother Matilda from Slovakia, this service will include a Lenormand card reading to divine information on a person’s current life, guidance on soul and life purposes, insights for personal healing, and information on aspects of life going forward.  Cost – $40 for 1/2 hour session, $80 for an hour (in person, video, phone or email)

Soul Integration Healing (Soul Retrieval) – 2 Hour Session (In Person)


Soul Integration Healing Session (Soul Retrieval) – 1 Hour Session (In Person)


Soul Integration Healing (Soul Retrieval) – 1 Hour Session (Video and/or Distance)


Sometimes when a person does not feel complete, or feels that something is missing from themselves or their life, or they feel unable to effectively pursue goals or step out of old paterns, then there can be the need for a soul retrieval.  Through soul retrievals, missing pieces of our soul or self is brought back into our energetic system and integrated leading to a greater sense of being complete and able to heal and pursue goals or dreams. This ancient shamanic technique can lead to powerful healing and empowerment for clients.

Ancestral Healing – 2 Hour Session (In Person)


Ancestral Healing – 1 Hour Session (In Person)


Ancestral Healing – 1 Hour Session (Video and/or Distrance)


Every family has unresolved challenges that can lead to repeated unhealthy patterns of behavior and dynamics over generations.  We are called on our spiritual journey to heal our ancestral lines and resolve our ancestral karmic debts.  Ancestral healing sessions assist in healing our ancestral lines and karma so that we can experience greater healing and wellness in our lives.  The result of ancestral healing moves forward and backwards in our line, healing our ancestors and any unhealthy patterns for future generations.

Spirit Harmony Integrated Intuitive Reading and Healing Session – 2 Hour Session (In Person)


Spirit harmony intuitive sessions combines spirit guidance, shamanic practice, energy healing, past life and ancestral healing work, divination and more into an integrated healing paradigm.  The initial session is 2 hours in length to assess the client’s need and begin the journey towards greater insight and healing – Cost $100 (in person).  After the initial session, one hour or two hour sessions can be scheduled for $50 per hour.

House Clearings and Sacred Space Services (Space Wellness) – In Person


Sessions will assess the energetic and spiritual wellness of a space and provide guidance on creating, re-establishing, or maintaining high vibrational sacred spaces in your home, on your land, or in your office or business, which can lead to greater holistic wellness, abundance, clearer guidance on soul purpose(s) and direction, and so much more.  Two hour initial session – $100 (in person).  Additional time and services are $50 per hour.

Online Spirit Harmony Intuitive Reading: $30


Spirit Harmony Shamanic Readings will provide spirit guidance on one question or can be used to seek general life guidance from Spirit. I will perform one shamanic journey or spirit meditation in order to bring back spirit guidance for your life. Spirit Harmony Shamanism is an eclectic form of shamanic practice which stresses both traditional shamanic journeying (traveling to the spirit worlds for guidance or healing) and mediumship (communicating with spirits through merging with spirit beings). The price of the reading reflects that I will spend 30 minutes connecting with Spirit on your question or life.

I will need the following information prior to connecting with my ally spirits and guides:

1. Your first and last name
2. Your city and state (if in the U.S.), or city and country (if outside of the U.S.) (optional)
3. Your date of birth
4. Your question or that you seek a general reading about your life
5. An email in order to send the messages I receive from Spirit

In addition, readings are significantly more detailed and accurate when the seeker sets strong intentions to receive guidance from Spirit through this service. Once I receive your email, I will one day while setting strong intentions to connect with you and your helping spirits. I ask that you do the same. On day 2, I will do the spirit meditation or shamanic journey. Whether I meditate or journey will be based on Spirit’s guidance on what will provide the highest and best information for you at this time. I will send you your reading via email after the journey or meditation. The total turn around time for most readings is 2 days.  If unexpected circumstances arise, then I will email you to requet one additional day or refund your money.

Shamanic spiritual paths believe that all things in the universe have a spirit. Therefore, in a reading you may hear from crossed over loved ones and ancestors, guides and other helping spirits, Divine Source in various forms, spirit animals, land spirits, celestial spirits, and more. Believing that all things are spirited is the ancient way. Together, with my intentions and yours, we will tap into the great web of Spirit to receive the guidance you need at this time. I am excited to help bring back from the spirit world information that is healing, guiding, and insightful for your life.

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* Following your purchase, please download the informational document. It will contain the information above, as well as an email address to which you can send the required information and from which you will receive your reading.


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Clients can contact me for special requests, alternative appointment dates, to book a party or workshop, or to discuss sessions.