I offer the following intuitive services:

Spirit Harmony (TM) Sessions: combines spirit guidance and integrated spirit/energy healing (shamanic techniques, energy healing, crystal healing, mediumship and more).  2 hour session – $100.

Life-Soul Intuitive Readings: Spirit based intuitive readings combining psychic intuition, spirit communication, and diverse divination methods in order to provide practical life guidance and inspiration to pursue one’s soul’s purpose and dream life. 1 hour session – $50.

Evidential Mediumship Readings:  Evidential Mediumship sessions help to connect clients with loved ones in spirit and provide proof that our loved ones continue on in spirit form after physical death. Cost – $25 for 30 minutes and $50 for an hour.

House Clearing & Blessings/Ghost/Unwanted Spirit Encounter Services:  For those struggling with challenging spirit experiences such as haunted houses, intrusive and lingering earthbound spirits, attachments, and sleep paralysis.  My purpose is to heal, rebalance and to eliminate fear for my clients. Initial sessions are 1 hour at a cost of $50 or 2 hours for $100.  Additional services after an assessment or initial session are $50 per hour.

Sacred Space Co-Creation (Space Wellness): Sessions will assess the energetic and spiritual wellness of a space and provide guidance on creating, re-establishing, or maintaining high vibrational sacred spaces in your home, on your land, or in your office or business, which can lead to greater holistic wellness, abundance, clearer guidance on soul purpose(s) and direction, and so much more.  Two hour initial session – $100.  Additional time and services are $50 per hour.

Parties/Gallery Readings: Please contact me directly for information on scheduling mediumship or intuitive readings for groups and parties.

Talks and Workshops: Please contact me directly if you are interested in having me teaching a workshop or speaking at your business.

Clients can contact me for special requests, alternative appointment dates, to book a party or workshop, or to discuss sessions.