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Introduction to Earthbound Spirits & Effective Spirit Protection: November 18, 2018, 1-4 pm

This course is for anyone curious about the world of earthbound spirits. Earthbound souls are spirits who did not cross-over to the Divine Light after physical death but instead stayed in the astral planes overlapping and close to Earth. They are the spirits “in-between” and sometimes referred to as “ghosts.”

People have been fascinated by earthbound spirits for millennia, but in modern times a belief in earthbound spirits has greatly decreased. But they are real. And they can affect the living in ways that decrease a person’s overall wellness – whether they know it or not. We will discuss why souls may not “go to the Light;” how they interact with the living through hauntings, attachments, lingering about a person, and more; detecting the presence of an earthbound spirit in your life; and how you can learn to protect yourself and your home from these experiences while still being open to higher spirit guidance.

The presence of an earthbound spirit can present an amazing opportunity for healing, spiritual growth, and the re-establishment of balance, wellness, and harmony through an intuitive process known as “spirit release” (also referred to as soul rescue, spirit transition work, psychopomp work, and rescue mediumship). Spirit release is the process of guiding earthbound souls to the Light. This sacred healing work results in needed healing for the earthbound spirit who is able to continue on their soul’s journey and for anyone whose wellness has being decreased by the presence of the earthbound spirit in their life.

While this course will not teach “spirit release,” we will discuss the value of this ancient spirit work and why it is so needed. This course is a perfect primer for anyone interested in learning more about earthbound spirits and spirit protection, spirit release work, or other intuitive work where earthbound spirits may arise such as during an energy healing session. If there is interest in learning more about spirit release by class participants, then a future course for those who have taken this course, or have an adequate background, will be planned. We look forward to a seeing you at this class and for a spirited discussion on earthbound spirits!

Facilitators: Jim Sullivan, Shamanic Practitioner & Spirit Intuitive; Vanessa Hanks, Shamanic Practitioner & Spirit Intuitive

Contact Vanessa at with questions.

Space is limited to 10 participants

Cost: $20

RSVP at the Canandaigua Spirit Harmony Shamanism & Mediumship Meetup at:

Evidential Mediumship Training Circle:  This circle will meet once a month for the purpose of providing a collegial and welcoming environment to improve on one’s ability as a spirit medium to bring forth detailed evidence of the continued existence of crossed-over loved ones for clients, friends and family.  Beginners and seasoned spirit mediums are welcome.  This circle will focus on improving one’s evidential mediumship skills and is an ideal place for intuitives looking to stretch and expand their abilities in a supportive community.  Evidential mediums are known for providing names, dates, places, memories, and accurate details of a deceased love one’s life – let’s work towards this level of mediumship with Spirit together!  Circle will meet on the first Wednesday of the month starting on February 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm at A-Mae-Zing in Canandaigua, NY.  Please contact me ahead of attending so that I can adequately prepare for the circle’s size. Cost – $10

RSVP at– the Canandaigua Spirit Harmony Shamanism and Mediumship Meet up!


Mentorship: I offer distance and in-person mentorship for individuals interested in learning to safely and effectively perform soul rescue work.  My hope is that more wonderful intuitives called to this soulful work feel guided and supported in their journey.  This work is so needed at this time.  In an effort to make mentorship accessible to all, mentorship is only: $40 per one hour and a half session.  Students have a choice of an in-person, phone, or video session.  Please contact me if you are interested in being mentored in soul rescue.  This work is also known as spirit release, spirit rescue, ghost rescue, psychopomp work, spirit transition, and rescue mediumship.

Mentorship in Soul Rescue!