Events & Mentoring

Upcoming Events:

No upcoming events are scheduled.  Rev. Vanessa will not be teaching classes until after the release of her upcoming book on soul rescue entitled “The Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release.”


Mentorship: I offer distance and in-person mentorship for individuals interested in learning to safely and effectively perform soul rescue work.  My hope is that more wonderful intuitives called to this soulful work feel guided and supported in their journey.  This work is so needed at this time.  In an effort to make mentorship accessible to all, mentorship is only: $40 per one hour and a half session.  Students have a choice of an in-person, phone, or video session.  Please contact me if you are interested in being mentored in soul rescue.  This work is also known as spirit release, spirit rescue, ghost rescue, psychopomp work, spirit transition, and rescue mediumship.

Mentorship in Soul Rescue!