Spirit Attachments

The truth is that spirit attachments, possessions, and spirits lingering around the living occurs.  I call these experiences “spirit infringement,” i.e., when spirits overstep ethical boundaries with living people.  This can lead to something called “spirit illness” through an earthbound or lower vibrating spirit decreases the wellness of a living person.

These experiences can be very unsettling and at times frightening, but more often than not, a living person is unaware or only subtly aware that a spirit may be causing what seems like fairly normal life problems like depression, anger, not knowing your purpose, feeling lost, addiction, illness, hopelessness, confusion and more.  Of course such struggles can have diverse causes unrelated to lower vibrating spirits, but sometimes they are also caused or exacerbated by the presence of an earthbound or other type of unhealed spirit in a person’s life.

Spirit attachments in particular are very common.  These experiences should not be feared as they are very treatable.  A session with me can help identify if an earthbound or other lower vibrating spirit is interfering with your wellness.  During a session, I communicate with any lower spirits present to see why a spirit is with a particular client and what the spirit may need to transition to the Light.  I also explore what is making a client vulnerable to lower vibrating spirits and create a plan for wellness going forward to prevent recurrence and to promote holistic wellness.

All earthbound and lower spirits were created by the Divine and are seeking the Light even when they are unaware of it or resistant to it.  They too have a divine soul at their core.

A spirit healing session helps to create wellness for all souls involved – the client, the earthbound spirit, and those living with the client.  Soul rescue and spirit wellness work helps to reestablish greater harmony, peace, balance and wellness for the client and all those affected by the presence of the earthbound spirit(s).  It is truly soulful healing work that can help a client find relief from uncomfortable symptoms and get back to living their soul’s purpose, their authentic self, becoming holistically well, and more.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of potential symptoms that an earthbound spirit is present and of spirit illness.  Of course, some of these symptoms have other common causes.  It is important to rule out more commonplace reasons and seek medical assistance before seeking the help of a spirit intuitive or shaman.

If after ruling out other causes, you believe you are experiencing spirit illness or spirit infringement, please contact me at becomingspirited@gmail.com to schedule an in person or distance consultation session.

  • A sense of another or feeling that you are not alone in your body, mind, emotions, spirit, or energy field.
  • Sleep disturbances such as sleep paralysis
  • Uncomfortable or frightening dreams
  • Dreams of a person you do not know or of topics/events outside of your life
  • Hearing voices or seeing apparitions
  • Moving objects in your presence
  • Seeing shadows or black or gray balls or forms
  • Seeing insect like gatherings of blackness (often non-human, not earthbound spirits)
  • Continual fatigue or lethergy despite no medical reason
  • Feeling less able to think clearly – brain fog type symptoms
  • Unexplainable physical symptoms – aches, pain, nerve issues, and autoimmune type symptoms that a medical doctor cannot explain
  • Feeling drained
  • Feeling less able to handle one’s life
  • Depression, anxiety or fears that do not seem to stem from your life
  • A look of emptiness, distance or as if another is looking back from the person
  • A washed out, gray, or lack of vitality in the complexion
  • A malaise physically and for one’s life
  • A lack of inspiration
  • Emotions uncharacteristic of the person such as anger, outbursts, sarcasm, hopelessness, unexplained deep sadness, uncharacteristic fears
  • Personality changes, speaking and acting in uncharacteristic ways
  • Conflicts in relationships that seem out of character or only occur in one’s house or a certain room of a house
  • Digestive issues and upset stomach
  • Sexual encounters or attacks by lower vibrating spirits