Spirit Harmony Shamanism (TM)


I offer unique Spirit Harmony Shamanism (TM) sessions where I journey and meditate leading up to a client’s appointment.  These sessions are personalized based on the instructions of my guiding spirits as to what the client needs most at that time to live in greater balance, harmony, and wellness.

Sessions may include intuitive and spirit messages, energy and shamanic healing, crystal healing, shamanic journeying, ceremony, and more.

Spirit Harmony Shamanism Teaches:

1. A harmonious, balanced relationship with Spirit in all its forms – “right relationship” with Spirit.

2. Soul wellness as the way to being a “hallowed” and hollowed bone for Spirit.

3. Deep and trusting relationships with Helping Spirits developed over time.

4. Developing the ability to communicate with your Helping Spirits in the here and now, and through journeying to the spirit world.

5. Your Creator, Helping Spirits, and your divine soul as the main teacher.

6. Manifesting Spirit on Earth – bringing Spirit down and through you for positive change and healing through ritual, ceremony, storytelling, drumming, creating, and other physical actions.

7. Co-creating with Spirit your own unique version of shamanism and personal spirituality.

8. Using the above concepts and your connection with the Divine, Helping Spirits, and your soul, to help heal souls living and deceased.

Please contact me for more information on forming classes and circles.