Spirit Readings & Healings

Spirit Readings: In Person & Distance Options

I am pleased to offer spirit readings to clients.  These readings channel soul guidance from your amazing spirit guides, angels, loved ones and more.  This is a bit different from a traditional mediumship reading as the purpose is soul and life guidance from Spirit.  These readings are perfect for when you feel the need for higher guidance, perspective, advice and direction in your life.  Sometimes a bit of guidance from our guides, angels and loved ones is what we need to get out of being stuck or take the next needed step in our soul’s journey.

Contact me at becomingspirited@gmail.com to schedule a session.

45 Minute Session: in Person or Phone Option

45 Minute Spirit Readings


60 Minute Session: In Person or Phone Option

60 Minute Spirit Reading


Spirit Healings: Soul Retrieval, Lineage Healing, Past Life Healing, Energy Healing, and/or Soul Rescue

Every soul is on a journey to heal from its past and current experiences in order to understand its worth and divinity, live an authentic life and to express one’s true self in this world.  In order to discover our soul’s purpose and/or live in a life of fulfillment, peace and joy, we must heal our soul and embark on an amazing journey of self- discovery.  Spirit healings are led by Spirit – i.e., my angels and guides and your angels and guides.  These session will uncover what is needed at this time for your soul to take its next important steps towards healing, self-discovery, living true self, and fulfilling one’s soul’s purpose in this life.  Spirit may prompt a soul retrieval (the return of lost pieces of your soul), a lineage healing (to heal from unhealthy family dynamics), a past-life healing (going back to the start of a personal issue in a former life to heal and change its effect on your current life), the release of spirits attached to your energy field (soul rescue) or other needed healing.  If you are interesting in a spirit healing, please contact me at becomingspirited@gmail.com.

Spirit Healing Sessions:  In Person or Distance Options

60 Minute Spirit Healing Session


2 Hour Assessment & Spirit Healing Session